Canadian Adventures in HK

Thoughts and Experiences of a Chinese-Canadian in Hong Kong.

    Come rain or shine…

    Come rain or shine…

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    buzzzzz buzzzz buzzzzz miss that sound and feels…time for more work soon?

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    Only one person…

    Only one person can do what she does. She’s the one that with one word can make me feel like a giant but can also make me feel like I’m less than nothing. She’s the one who I know loves me more than anything but will tell me all of my faults without worrying about what I think. She’s the one whom I have shared the funniest laughs with but has also been the one whom I’ve fought with the most. She’s the one whom although I’m already living on my own, will still call me to tell me to tell me to “eat my vegetables”. Through all the ups and downs of life I know if there is one person in the world who will be willing to be my support as well as the voice that tells me what I don’t want to hear but rather what I NEED to hear it is her. Thanks Mum.

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    Je suis un garçon…

    Upon finally giving in listening to some of Stromae's songs, the songs being Papaoutai and Tous le Mêmes, there has been a strong urge to brush up on my very limited French language skills. I have been very lucky to have grown up in Canada where French was a mandatory subject until Grade 9. My only regret was that at the time I did push myself to continue taking French in school. So here I am trying to find French language resources just so that I can practice my French again. So if you here me walking around saying things like “Je suis un garçon et tu est une fille” don’t look at me weird, It’s just this guy trying to practice something that he hasn’t in years…….Au revior…….bibliothèque

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    Umbrella parking today at the office…

    Umbrella parking today at the office…

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    Anthony Bourdain: FIGHTING MAD →


    “I don’t know karate—but I know ka-razy” –James Brown

    For the past eight years, I’ve been making a television show called NO RESERVATIONS. I wrote it. I executive produced it. And I appeared in it. My partners and I always tried hard to make it good.

    During that time, I understood the way…

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    The Power of A Child’s Prayer

    There was a boy in my class today who had a stomachache all day and had to lay down a few times throughout the entire day. Near the end of the day he was lying down and I sat with him and asked how he was doing. He said that his stomach was still hurting. I shared with him that when I’m not feeling well, one of the things that I do is pray to God to ask him to heal me. Then I asked him if he wanted to pray with me to ask God for healing. He agreed and so we prayed a simple prayer:

    "Dear God, please make my tummy feel better, it has been hurting all day, I know you want to make me better and I know that you can make my tummy feel better. Amen".

    I was about to ask him after if he still wanted to lay down but he had already gotten up and simply said “My tummy is all better now” and then he went on his way to go play with the other children.

    I pray that I have this faith and I hope this encourages you to simply believe.


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    Awesome Deadpool

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    Went to bed early because I was feeling a bit feverish. But now my fever broke and I’m wide awake and to top it off I’m hungry as well.

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